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Bodø City Museum

Welcome to Bodø City museum’s digital app! The City Museum is a cultural-historic museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions. The museum’s original name was Bodø Fishing Museum when it was established in 1888, at that time it had the purpose of increasing the earnings of the salt water fishers. The building is from 1903 and is one of the oldest in the city center.

At Bodø City Museum you can visit the exhibition called “The Dry-aquarium” which contains stuffed fish. It was made right after WW2 and is treasured by the Riksantikvaren. It is claimed to be Norway’s first interactive exhibition. You can press the buttons and there will be light in the fish’s eyes. You can also look at the big silver treasure which was found just outside the city in 1919. It is Northern Norway’s biggest silver finding from the Viking Age and the ringnål (a big silver needle) is the biggest found in Scandinavia from that time. The exhibition “Byen vårres” is Bodø’s history from when it was called Hundholmen until modern time.

In the hall at the first floor you can see different temporarily exhibitons throughout the year. There are also occasionally concerts, conveys and small theatrical shows. You will also meet famous people on the “Bodø hall of fame” here on the APP. We would gladly hear your opinion about people that deserve a spot here. 

When buying a ticket in the opening hours you will gain access to the digital experiences and our historical knowledge. You will still have the content some days after you have bought the ticket, so you can continue to explore something you found interesting.

You will use your own phone/tablet/laptop, and headset if needed. 

The digital experience and history is now ready for you!