Basic functions in the map solution described here in post 1 to 6:

 1. Common for all devices (PC, mobile, tablets):

  • Main menu: At the top right corner of the top banner you will find a menu symbol, which will give you access to different content. Everything from different languages (if available) and various information.
  • Markers on the map: On the map surface you will find symbols/posts showing location-based information, that you can click on for more information.
  • Choose category: On the map surface you will see a category selector in the left margin. You can choose to view all categories or only the ones you select – one or more. As a standard, the map will show all categories.
  • Use free search: At the top of the top banner you will see a search symbol, which will give you access to search through all the posts you see on the map. Smart to use when looking for something specific.
  • Information in post: In every post you click, you will see different content. Everything from pictures and text, to films, audio files, attachments and links – related to the applicable post. Where it is relevant, you will also find contact info.

 2. Special for mobile/touchscreens:

  • Navigation on map: You can navigate and move the map with one finger and zoom with two fingers. Double-tapping the map surface will give a gradual step-by-step zoom and centering according to the map area you tap on.
  • Your location: You can turn your location on or off by using the compass needle you see on the map surface. When ON, the needle is READ, and a black dot automatically shows your position on the map, to make you easily see the map posts closest to you. When BLACK, the location is OFF, and your location is hidden. Read “Settings for your mobile” in the next paragraph if your position isn’t showing up even though the needle is red.

3. Special for desktop/computer/Mac without touchscreen:

  • Navigation on map: If you are on a desktop PC without touchscreen, you can scroll in and out of the map by using your mouse or touchpad. Centering will be done according to the area of the map your cursor is on.
  • Your location: Will not work indoors. Other than that it is similar as in post 2 above.

4. Settings for your mobile:

  • If you want to see your position on the map, we will need permission for this. You need to press OK on the privacy-request which shows up the first time visiting the website.
  • The browser will ask to show your position. You will need to accept/allow this for the location and position services to work. If your Location services/GPS-tracking is turned off, we will not be able to show your position.
  • If you are unable to access wireless network/WiFi, your mobile data needs to be turned on to be able to use the map solution.

5. Calibration of compass on a mobile device:

If you want your phone to show the exact direction in the map (rotation), you should calibrate the compass on your phone. Most devices will calibrate themselves, although not every device is as fast. Here are some tips:

  • If you are certain that you are standing next to a post and the black dot is not showing the right position, you can try moving your phone in an 8-pattern-movement, which will help it calibrate faster.
  • If you are still having issues, you can try searching the Internet for calibration + your phone brand, as calibration can vary from phone to phone.

6. Showing of indoor areas:

When you are indoors, your phone will not be able to indicate your position. You will therefore orient yourself after the floor plan, or scan QR-codes if they are available. To access the information indoors, you will need a code, which will be given to you when you purchase a ticket.